The Fan

Today, I was on the bus- on my way to the hospital- having the worst day ever. Well not ever.. but.. you catch my vibe.

I was on the bus, soaking wet from the rain, and I saw this woman a couple seats down from me pull out this fan to fan herself with. It was beautiful. White lace on the bottom and a baby blue background with flowers all over. I saw my entire trip to Asia flash before my eyes. In my head I thought, “I should say something. I should compliment this woman on her fan”, like the weirdo that I am. I think I was trying to find joy in this horrific day I was having.

So, I did. I told her. She smiled- I think out of surprised that a student was speaking to her. This woman was not young. She was kind of unattractive and quite large. She did not seem entirely happy, but I saw a kind spirit in her eyes. She seemed very soft and sweet.

We had a 10 second conversation about it, and then proceeded to sit in silence.

The bus turned into the main gates of my University, the stop before mine. She turned to me and said, “I want you to have it.” She handed me the fan, now in a dark green Asian-inspired soft cover.

I refused at first, obviously. But she insisted I have it. She smiled and handed it to me. I looked at it for a second before putting in my bag. I pulled the stop wire on the bus and got up as the bus was approaching my stop.

I turned to her and said thank you again, and she looked at me with a weird amount of passion and happiness. She didn’t say anything, just smiled.

I got off the bus and felt a warm feeling inside. My walk home felt about a second long. It sounds ridiculous, but I love those moments. Those strange interactions. I got home and forgot about it until now. I pulled it out of my bag, removed the cover, and tried it out. It felt strange. Earlier today this was hers. Earlier today, she used this fan in front of my eyes. And now it was mine. I wondered why she gave it to me, and then began to write this post.

Do cool things for strangers.

– Dose of Delight


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