Boost of Happiness

This morning I was feeling quite anxious. I was in a rush to get to class and I didn’t really have a minute to centre myself and relax. There were a few things on my mind that were really bothering me and I didn’t make a moment to clear them out. As a result, I wasn’t feeling like my optimistic, friendly self and I felt a little bit scattered and anxious.

After my class, I received a text from a friend that had me smiling the entire way home. He honestly has the most impeccable timing – I don’t know how he does it. The thing is, I knew that he meant every word and wasn’t just saying it so that I would think highly of him. He genuinely cares about me and I genuinely care about him. It’s a friendship that I value immensely and I cannot express how much that text meant to me.

We often don’t realize, but sometimes saying how you feel or doing these random little things can not only make someones day, but can create a bond between two people that is incredibly special.

I had this realization that I’ve gained to much of what I want in life already. I have established some deeply meaningful and nurturing relationships and am excited about the direction my life is heading. It inspires me to keep learning and keep growing.

I wish you reading a wonderful day. I dedicate my thoughts and this post to you.

– Dose of Delight


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