Last night, I walked out of my second final exam feeling incredibly happy. I sent the okay text for my friend to head over to my house, hopped on the bus, and called the pizza place to order my pizza delivery. I had just completely crushed that exam, it was snowing so beautifully, and I was in a state of total bliss.

My friend came over and we hopped on my bed in the little movie fort setup we had put together a couple nights before when we were up until 4:30am watching movies.

We repeated that night, only this time with a bowl of homemade cookie dough between us and two spoons that we held in our hands for the entire night as if they were weapons and no one could steal them away from us. Cookie eating weapons.

I have 9 days until my next exam, and I feel like this is a much needed break from the world. Today, I woke up at 1pm and have been sitting in this bed ever since, only leaving to make food and use the washroom. It’s about 8pm now, and I’m going to head to the gym to exercise my decaying body and get my blood pumping.

My plan is to come home and shower, meditate, and head to bed nice and early so that I can get up early tomorrow.

I feel very happy, and very lively. Mentally, not physically- yet.

Goodnight to everyone reading, I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

– Dose of Delight


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