Listening To Your Instincts

Listening to your instincts; that’s what it means to become an adult.

We are arguably born with some moral compass, given that we are sane-minded and not sociopathic serial killers. And for years we live under the arm of our parents and live under their rules and way of life. Much of what we learn as children is from our parents and caretakers.

However, we are also exploring and interacting with the world to sculpt our judgments and fundamental values. When it comes down to it, once we enter early adulthood we have the freedom of doing whatever we really want. Again, this is given that we live a fortunate enough life where this is possible- I understand that not everyone has this freedom. But in my world at least, I’m presented with an overwhelming realm of opportunity.

So what does it mean to listen to your instincts? To me it means forming our own opinions; our own judgements and decisions. It means not to think or do certain things simply because that’s what is told or expected of us, but rather having grounds of our own using the experience and knowledge that we currently have.

I understand that as young adults we are not the wisest individuals, given that we have lived only a fraction of our lives, but that is not to say that we should disregard our ability to form sensible opinions.

When we start to listen to our instincts and do things based on our own intuition, that’s when we really start to learn become “adults” shall we say. Independent, free-standing, [semi] functional adults. We gain this newfound faith in ourselves and are become much more confident as we enter adulthood. We can handle things on our own, learn not to depend on our parents to guide us every step of the way, and grow into whoever it is we wish to be.

That being said, it’s always nice to have them for support and comfort when things get crappy. Because they will– get crappy.

My personal issue with indecisiveness concerns the overwhelming realm of opportunity I mentioned. How are we supposed to make our way through this world with all of these DAMN PATHS we could or could not take?

I suppose I need to be listening to my instincts.

– Dose of Delight


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