Improving Your Relationship With Yourself

I wrote something in my last post that I wanted to expand on: the idea that when we are alone, we aren’t without anyone. We are simply with ourselves. But we are still a person, we have thoughts, and we need to learn how to properly hang out with ourselves.

Think about it, when we are with a friend, or anyone for that matter, we are careful not to say anything too negative about them. We try to act with kindness and we often go out of our way to help a friend. Why don’t we treat ourselves like that?

When I look at my friends, I don’t see them for the lack of volume in their hair that morning or judge them for skipping the gym that morning. I admire the comfort of their friendly face,and feel a sense of joy in the way they make me laugh and inspire me to do new things.

I think sometimes it’s easy to get lost in your head and go through the motions of your day without tuning into who you fully are. We walk to class and think about all the stuff we have to do that day, or wonder if our outfit looks strange. 

There’s a lot of forms of self-love that I find quite cheesy, and have therefore kind of abstained from, but what about simply acting as though you are a friend. Whether this is while you walk to class/work, your time before bed, while you are creatively expressing yourself, when you’re out friends, WHENEVER you are with yourself.. which is um.. ALL THE TIME! Surprise! I’ve also just been learning to appreciate my thoughts and my curious mind. I try to discover new things that I cherish about myself, rather than constantly striving to improve myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for self-improving and becoming more self-aware– but I do believe part of become self-aware is learning to appreciate the GOOD things along with the bad. 

Anyway.. just a thought I wanted to expand on after writing that last post. If you’re reading this, take a moment to make a little list of your uniquely admirable characteristics. Read the list over a few times and try to remember those things as you go about your day. You’ll probably find that you feel a bit more confident and make more out of your day, or at least better enjoy certain moments with yourself . 

Take a peak at my last post (How to Be Ridiculously Happy) where I talked Nietzsche and the idea of making even the mundane moments ones you’d be happy to re-experience forever. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day where ever you are. 

– Dose of Delight


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