Well, I’m done my undergrad. And it’s probably the strangest feeling I’ve ever had the burden of experiencing. My life has now officially completely 180’d. I left my house, left my friends, left my roommates, left my school, left my life. And now I am living in boxes out of my parent’s garage, preparing for my Asia trip.

I’m not sure if the fact that I am finished school has genuinely sunk in yet but I believe I have successfully had my inevitable breakdown already, so at least that’s out of the way. In your wondering what that looked like, there were many tears and many “I just love you guys” to my roommates, who I also made cry. It was swell.

Anyway, I’m just having some difficulty coming to terms with these changes, but I’m sure it’ll all hit me in the face when I’m back from my Asia trip… I’m sure that’ll be nice big slap in the face.

Speaking of Asia, I am SOOOOO EXCITTEEDDDDD to leave. I’ll be heading to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia. I’m just in the process of packing up my backpack and the excitement is slowly creeping up on me. I won’t be bringing a laptop, but I’ll type up my journal entries on my phone as I go along and try to post.

Talk soon,

– Dose of  Delight



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