Moments of Bliss


There was a long period over the past year or two where I would experience very regular moments of bliss. The feeling almost became my norm- it was wonderful. But then things started to change; I left school, took off for travels and my life kind of took a 360. When I got back from my time away, I felt very lost and hallow. Like my life I was coming back to was nothing but the white cubicle I am surrounded by at work everyday. But, I’m slowly learning that’s not the case. Although it’s been a bit unclear at times, my life is somewhat of a canvas right now. I have my evenings, weekends, and free rent here, and I’m pretty free to do what I want. I just need to build this life I had at school back at home. I need to dedicate time for art, re-create a sacred space in my room, and get my morning routine settled. Oh, and spend time with the kind of people who inspire me- the people who get me out of bed in the morning.

The other night, after a very busy, frazzling day, I spent the evening with a friend of mine from uni. That time I spent with her “re-ignited” my spirits, and reminded me of this. She’s an artist herself and has had a very mentally healthy month for her, which has inspired me to ground myself as she has back in this familiar yet foreign space we’re living in. And anyway- throughout the evening I experienced several of these little moments of bliss that used to make me so happy.

Here’s another one: I was driving home, top down, letting the warm summer air fly through my hair and brush my skin and I couldn’t help but smile. I thought of my friend Justin in this moment. I could almost feel his spirit in the air. It was lovely.

– Dose of Delight











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