In life limbo.

I am in life limbo. What do I mean by this? Well, essentially everything in my life right now is temporary – apart from some of the people.

My job, my home, my routine, my work clothes, my bed, this town, my horrendously uninspiring cubicle. I’ve just graduated university and come back from travels, and I’m living with my parents (who I am very grateful for), working in HR until my Art Therapy program starts.

So, you see, these ‘temporary’ aspects of my life are causing me to feel a great sense of disconnect from my usual self. I feel as though I am going through the motions, living in an unfamiliar place that I have not made my own, doing things that don’t entirely align with the life I yearn to live.

That being said, I am extremely looking forward to the near future, when I get to go back to school and start my young-adult-Toronto-Art-Therapy-life. I’m trying to push through this time with my eye on the prize, but I can’t help but notice the toll it is taking on my typically spirited self.

I try to squeeze in time to paint, to play music, to write, but it’s difficult. A full time job really does occupy an enormous chunk of your time, topped with social obligations like catching up with friends (which are enjoyable, yes, but certainly nonetheless occupy time).

Anyway, not sitting here complaining, just acknowledging, publicly, that this weird life limbo I find myself in is taking a toll on me. But perhaps this is good… perhaps it’ll push me even further once I get going with school. We’ll see.

– Dose of Delight
















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