So I woke up…

Writers have this tendency to begin stories, poems, songs, movies- any piece of art with waking up in the morning. Have you noticed that? As if that’s the beginning of all time and nothing has happened before that moment but 8 hours of darkness. Which, fair, sleeping is not something we consciously experience – but still, switch it up people.

I agree it can be useful and effective depending on the story line but it’s not always necessary to tell a story in such a monotonous, sequential manor. Sometimes it’s even more powerful to drop the reader/viewer right into a moment – right into the scene.

See, we have moments of “waking up” all the time. Leaving work on a Friday afternoon, that first sip of peppermint tea before bed, lighting candles and waiting patiently for the one you love to get home. Life is a chaotic web of these moments, and you certainly don’t need to write or remember¬†them in order.

Play with it.

– Dose of Delight









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