Why I Cut My Own Hair

The first time I grabbed hold of my shears, I felt this pathetic sense of power. As if I were about to commit crime — social crime, that is. 

So, this has happened about five times now since I started working again: I give myself a trim or a little change in haircut, and my coworkers are genuinely baffled by the fact that I’ve done this by myself.

“How did you cut the back?!” “You have some balls — I could never do that!” Or, my personal favourite, just a simple yet expressive, “YOU!?” As if my lack of experience in being a professional hairdresser makes me totally unsuitable and completely unqualified to cut my own hair.

Okay, why do I do it?

  1. I am pretty frugal. I think it’s freaking ridiculous that women today pay $50 – $150 for someone to cut hairs of their heads. God knows why men don’t pay this much.
  2. I NEVER have to wait for an appointment. And, I can cut it shorter and shorter whenever I want until I am happy with it.
  3. I think it’s important that we start doing things for ourselves. We already pay people to drive us, feed us, massage us, do our nails, build our homes, walk our dogs. Why not learn some of these skills ourselves? The ones we can do, that is.
  4. It feels so much better when you’ve created something yourself. You gain this sense of pride and confidence, which I know, sounds ridiculous — but it’s a thing.
  5. It’s friggin’ fun. I love trying to styles and learning what looks good on me.

Now, it’s taken quite some time to learn how to do it. And I’m not suggesting you all blindly go into trying to cut your own hair with office scissors and not a clue what to do (especially if you have short hair). I am, however, giving you a little push to look into it. Start with a trim. Go on YouTube and find a haircut video that looks similar enough to your style.

Personally, I love it. And I’m always so happy with my hair. I’ve just cut an inch or two off actually — before I sat down to write this post. I LOVE IT.

– Dose of Delight




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