Sick. Mind.

Along with an appalling number of other people in my life right now, I am currently sick in bed.

I feel totally helpless and frankly quite frustrated by the time and money that I’m wasting just lying here like a potato, calling off work each day that another cough attack nearly pops the pressure from my sinuses out of my ears.

Isn’t that odd? That I’m feeling anxiety from spending an entire day in bed, resting my body back to health. I should feel unapologetically free to have these days. 3/365 days a year that I’m sick and I’m frustrated with myself? For an illness that I’ve contracted almost inevitably from another human being?

Screw that.

It is interesting though, how your mind wanders when you’re sat in bed all day, when you’re normally not sat in bed all day. I think about a warm beach, I critically analyze my life decisions, and my mind then comes to a harmonious conclusion that I ought to flee everything and move to Hawaii.

I suppose my mind is simply not used to enduring such a long period of what is essentially just silence and lack of body movement, cocooning in my covers.

Well. Feels good to write. Back to that half-ass rest my body so badly craves.

– Dose of Delight Literal Death




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