Daily Dose: Don’t Hide. Don’t run.

Don't hide, don't run away, and don't bury your worries into a dark hole in the back of your mind. Acknowledge the things that come your way, and learn from all of the mistakes that you'll most certainly make in the process. That's how you grow, and that's how you gain the trust and respect … Continue reading Daily Dose: Don’t Hide. Don’t run.


Daily Dose: Do what you ACTUALLY love.

Doing what you actually¬†love pays off. Some of the coolest and most fulfilling opportunities have come from my hobbies/making the decision to follow what I'm passionate about. If I'd have stayed in Biology, never started this blog, or never joined the Vegan club at my school, I honestly would be a miserable, lonely and empty … Continue reading Daily Dose: Do what you ACTUALLY love.

Daily Dose: Move On

Sorry.. I have another thought this morning: Don't waste your beautiful time and energy on stupid people. Move on, it's not even worth it. Even if they are a close friend or someone you've been dating for 7 years, I am giving you permission to move on. - Dose of Delight

Daily Dose: Stand Tall

Your parents have probably been telling you this for years, and it probably annoys the crap out of you.. but...stand and sit with your back straight!! People are more attracted to those who are confident. You will feel more confident as a result of presenting yourself with confidence. Your mood, energy, and general happiness will … Continue reading Daily Dose: Stand Tall