Art Class (Acrylics): Day One

So I started taking this art class (every Wednesday night for 4 weeks), and I thought I would do a mini-blog series about what I am learning. Obviously I won't really be sharing a lot of the actual technique, but rather sharing my experience. DAY ONE: July 5, 2017 Work was fairly busy today, and … Continue reading Art Class (Acrylics): Day One


Gratuitous Kindness

Sometimes it's fun to just be outwardly kind to people for absolutely zero reason. I did that today, just now actually, and it was freakin' fun. They got so happy and flattered and if reality is anything like what my mind has imagined it to be, I predict they will now be a happier and … Continue reading Gratuitous Kindness

Addis Ababa: Where Fun Meets Tradition

If you’re in the mood for a fun, ethnic dining experience in London, Ontario, Addis Ababa is the place to go. Named after the capital of Ethiopia, the restaurant offers a unique, hands-on dining experience that entails tearing injera, a thin spongey bread, and using it to grab a taste of various dishes. Owner and … Continue reading Addis Ababa: Where Fun Meets Tradition